Welcome to my website! I hope you like comics because that is mostly what we’ve got over here.

Crypts and Cantrips

Crypts and Cantrips is a fantasy adventure comic set to launch in June of 2018

This is the Worst Idea You've Ever Had!

TWIYEH! Is an urban fantasy comic about a group of 20-somethings living in a magically dense college town. Updates Mondays.

Sin Pararse

Sin Pararse is a Prequel to TWIYEH! but they can be read independently. It’s about guys who fight monsters and kiss other guys. It is currently on hiatus.


Chosen is a Dark Souls fancomic I’m doing for fun and practice. It has no update schedule and may go for very long periods without updating at all.

Cuanta Vida
Cuanta Vida was a fancomic based loosely on the game Team Fortress 2, written before the game had any canonical story to speak of. Some people liked this comic a lot. It ran from October 2008 to December 2011. The webpage was more or less broken beyond repair, but it can still be read in the form of a PDF.

The Rift
The Rift was my first webcomic. I wrote most of it when I was in high school and kept working on it for longer than was reasonable. It retrospect is was very overly ambitious and not very good. It ran from December 2003 to February of 2010 and is here mostly for archival purposes.