An artist's renditionYou clicked this tab? I guess you’d like to know some stuff about me then?

Well, okay.

My name is Kieran L Thompson; I’m also known as Kytri to most of the internet and a significant number of my friends. I drew and wrote all the comics on the site. I’m originally from Halifax County, Virginia, but currently live in Raleigh, North Carolina. My birthdate is March 23, 1984.

I majored in psychology in college. I don’t really have any formal art training, but I’ve liked drawing since I was very young and have been attempting to make comics since I was about 11 or 12. I also like video games, sewing, and coffee.

Generally I’m kind of a shy person and don’t like talking about myself much. However, if you would like to know more about me or any of my work you can ask questions anonymously via the ask box on my Tumblr. I also have an account on Twitter, and I can be emailed at

General art usage FAQ thingy:

Sometimes people ask to use my art for things. I find this surprising but also pretty cool. When it comes to derivative works like fanart or fanfiction, that sort of thing is always allowed, regardless of content or quality. Small things like forum avatars are also always allowed.

If you want to make edits to my art such as photomanipulation type stuff or a translation of one of the comics into another language, that is also fine but please also credit me as the original artist. A simple note mentioning me and a link to one of my sites is sufficient. If you just want to repost my stuff elsewhere that’s totally cool, but again, leave credit, and please don’t direct link to my images. Instead download the image and reupload it to some webspace you own or have access to.

As for things I don’t like. I don’t like people selling my work without permission and I don’t like people claiming they made it. Don’t do that. That’s like a thing that jerks do.

Basically I’m cool with any usages that’s aren’t stealing or dishonest.

General work for hire FAQ thingy:

I am open to doing freelance work, though I do not do it frequently. If you would like to hire me please contect me though email at or and tell me what you need and what you’re expecting to pay. My time is rather limited so I cannot afford to take on unpaid work. Sorry.

Easy reference contact info thingy:

Email: OR
Physical mail: PO Box 917, Morrisville NC, 27560
Twitter: @Kytri
If you’d like my phone number or instant messenger info please contact me by another method first.