Are you interested in getting some nice custom art from me? Awesome! These prices are for digital commissions for personal use. If you would like a traditional commission the base prices will be similar but I will have to charge more to cover cost of materials and shipping. If you would like art for commercial use, please contact me directly as I charge differently for that kind of thing.

Please email me at or if you are interested in me drawing something for you.


Also commissioned art makes a great gift! But it takes time to make. So if you’d like to get a commission for somebody for a specific date, like Christmas or a birthday please make sure to contact me well in advance. I’ll do my best to accommodate people but I cannot guarantee anything beyond my normal turn around time.

Anyway: prices!

Busts: any drawing of a character from only the waist or chest up.

Just a sketch: $10

With ink: $20

Flat tones: $25 for grayscale $30 for color

Fully painted: $35 for grayscale $40 for color

Full body: any drawing that shows an entire character from head to toe

Just a sketch: $20

With ink: $40

Flat tones: $45 for grayscale $50 for color

Fully painted: $55 for grayscale $60 for color

Add ons:

Additional characters: A second character costs half the price of the first one. So for example if you got a full body sketch at $20 the second character would cost $10 thus making the total $30, a third character would be an additional $10, making the new total $40.

Backgrounds and large props: I typically leave backgrounds transparent or a flat neutral color. If you would like a different color just ask. For complicated backgrounds and large props (think like a vehicle or large musical instrument like a piano or a drum kit) consider them as additional characters in terms of price. Small props are free.

Accent colors: you can add one accent color to anything black and white for free if it’s a flat color and $5 if it is painted.

Something not already on this list: I charge $20 an hour for extra stuff if there isn’t a price already, going in 15 minute increments. So if the thing you want takes 15 minutes it’s $5, or $10 for half an hour, and so on. Additional things that take less than 5 minutes total are free. I draw pretty fast so that time may go further than you think.

Preemptive question answering:

I’m not sure how much the thing I want will cost and/or I cannot afford it.

Contact me and I’ll help you figure it out! I like to think I’m a reasonable person and am willing to work with you so hopefully everyone can get what we want. For example if you want something very complicated and fully painted but don’t have the money to get it all at once you could commission the sketch one month and then come back another month a pay the difference to have it finished.

I don’t have any reference images, is that okay?

No problem! I can draw from a description.

Will you draw adult stuff/what won’t you draw?

Sexy drawings are a-okay, and I don’t dislike drawing them. I will not draw things that are both sexual and violent (e.g. rape or guro) or anything featuring children or animals in a sexual context, though I may make an exception for anthro stuff if it’s tasteful. If you’re not sure just ask and I’ll tell you if I’m comfortable drawing it.

What you’re favorite stuff to draw?

My favorite commissions are for people’s original characters! Other than that I like drawing hot boys and LGBTQIA+ themed stuff. I also like monsters.

How do I pay you?

I prefer paypal and I prefer payment before the commission is delivered. If you’d like to use a different method please ask. I am flexible.

How long will it take you to finish my drawing?

Usually not very long. I know people who have bought and paid for commissions from other artists and waited months or years for the finished drawing. I will not do that to you. You’ll get your art no more than two months from the date you pay for it. So if you pay for your drawing on September 1 you will have the finished art on, and probably well before, October 31. If for whatever reason I can’t fulfill that I’ll offer to refund you.

I cannot afford a commission but would still like to support you. How do?

Free ways to support me: You can share my art posts on social media! You can read and share my webcomic or my other webcomic or any of my art. You can turn off adblock when visiting my website.

Not free ways to support me: Patreon is a monthly donation service. There are prizes depending on your pledge. Check it out! Storenvy is where you can buy books of my comics and other things. I stock and ship the items for this store myself so any money you spend here goes to me after fees from the credit cards and such. Society6 is where you can buy shirts and various other stuff with my art on it. I get 10% of the money on most items, except the art prints where I get a little more.

Can you do art for my book/comic/other for profit venture?

Possibly! I charge differently for work that’s intended to be resold or otherwise involves transfer of IP rights. Shoot me an email and we can try to figure something out.

I have a different question!

Just Ask!

Again my contact email is or if you just have a question you can email me or send me an ask here on tumblr.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this if you did! <3